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Atrial Fibrillation Pathway - Contraindications to Warfarin

Absolute contraindications

Relative contraindications

Not contraindications to receiving warfarin

  • Bleeding diathesis

  • Thrombocytopenia

  • Poorly controlled hypertension (BP consistently 160 mm Hg)

  • Non-compliance with medication or INR monitoring

  • Previous intracranial bleed or retinal haemorrhage

  • Recent gastrointestinal / genitourinary bleeding

  • First trimester and last month of pregnancy

  • Significant alcohol use ( 60 ml/day or 5 standard drinks/day) or liver disease

  • Conventional NSAID use (without cytoprotection)

  • Participation in activities predisposing to trauma

  • Unexplained anaemia

  • Dementia

  • Multiple comorbidity

  • Unexplained recurrent syncope
  • Predisposition to falling - clinical judgment required

  • Advanced age alone - clinical judgment required

  • NSAID use with misoprostol or a proton pump inhibitor

  • COX2-inhibitor use

  • Recent resolved peptic ulcer disease with successful treatment of Helicobactor pylori

  • Previous ischaemic stroke

Source: New Zealand Guidelines Group

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