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Hospital clinicians now able to send a direct note to primary care inboxes

The Midland Clinical Portal (MCP) has been upgraded to allow our hospital colleagues to send electronic messages to primary care clinicians. The notes will be sent directly to our PMS inboxes.
This is a one-way communication tool; unfortunately, it does not allow a two-way conversation about a patient.
Intended use of the functionality includes:

  • A quick note about a new diagnosis, medication, or test result that is not related to a recent admission (as the Transfer of Care form will be amended instead).
  • A quick note after an outpatient appointment before a full clinic letter can be sent (e.g. "I have changed xxx medication and ordered an ultrasound. Full clinic letter to follow.")
  • Other information about what the sender is going to do next for the patient.
  • To inform the primary care team about the conclusion of a service for the patient (unless a Transfer of care or referral pathway document is available).

Please report any inappropriate use of the functionality to the GP Liaison team, for instance:

  • Ward round style notes.
  • Asking GPs to "chase" results
  • Using a progress note when a Transfer of Care form is available for the patient encounter.

You can contact the GPL team via:


Last updated : Thursday, September 09, 2021

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