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Work underway on Children's Referral Process - your chance to provide input

The DHB has started work on the CHIRP project, which is focussed on children who are experiencing behavioural, neuro-developmental or mental health concerns. Please see here for further info. In brief, CHIRP is the DHB’s answer to children bouncing between specialist services, falling between gaps and experiencing long waits. 

It would be of value to have Primary Care represented on the Steering Group. Whether it is through representation on the Steering Group or through other means it would be great to establish good communication channels and incorporate the perspectives and recommendations of Primary Care as a more effective pathway into DHB services is established.  

The project is in its very early stages and the first Steering group is to be held next Month – 4th November and will be 6 weekly after that.

If you are interested or know anyone who may be keen to take part, do get in touch. Kim Blair, Project Manager



Last updated : Friday, October 29, 2021

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