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Now live: Tautoko Mai Sexual Harm Support Service electronic referral

The Tautoko Mai Sexual Harm Support Service now has an electronic form available via Best Practice.

The service is available to any person and their family who has been sexually harmed. This is a very broad term and encompasses a continuum of harm from emotional through to physical rape. The harm is defined by the person experiencing it.

They provide FREE crisis counselling and social work services, medical services (forensics, consultations and paediatric clinics), longer term ACC therapy, and prevention and training in the area of sexual violence.

They provide a 24/7 service and have staff on call after hours to take phone call referrals and answer queries.

PLEASE NOTE: If the assault has occurred within the last seven days please telephone the team on 0800 227 233 as well as making the referral as timing of forensic exams can be critical.




Last updated : Monday, May 03, 2021

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