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Temporary suspension of Community Ear Nurse services (children only)

The community ear nurses have been recruited to the Covid vaccination space, which means that Ear Nurse services for children are not currently available in the community. This does not affect wider DHB audiology services. For urgent or concerning cases, refer to the audiology department at the hospital.

However, the DHB is currently running one clinic a fortnight in each area for the most urgent cases. The most urgent cases are going to be:

  • Wax impaction associated with pain, infection or severe hearing loss
  • Discharging ear that needs suctioning to assist healing
  • Otitis externa with debris that needs removal


When audiology is required for an ENT referral, the ENT department have stated they will consider referrals without audiology where possible.

This situation is likely to continue for a few months. We will keep you updated as we know more.



Last updated : Friday, April 09, 2021

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