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Kaupapa Māori Community Nursing service, Māori Health Gains and Development

Please advise all Māori patients of the option of Māori Health Community Nursing Service available out of Bay of Plenty District Health Board.

All referrals will be triaged via Bay of Plenty Care Co-ordination Centre but for those who have chosen for consideration of a Kaupapa Māori service the referral will be sent to Māori Health Gains and Development for community care that delivers with an emphasis on tikanga and kawa.

This aligns strategically and ethically with Te Toi Ahorangi 2030 and He Korowai Oranga.


Eligibility Criteria  


  • All patients who identify as Māori who require community nursing care
  • Patient condition cannot be managed by patient's attendance at a general practice
  • Limited mobility or lack of transport precludes attendance at GP or clinic


Service Details   

Services provided include but are not limited to:

  • All those that are provided by district nursing
  • Catheter care - indwelling and suprapubic
  • Continence assessment and on going follow up
  • Wound care - medical and surgical
  • Rheumatic fever care
  • On site clinics
  • For those services that are not specifically provided by the Kaupapa Māori community service it works in conjunction and collaboratively with a wide range of specialist health care providers.


Negotiated Criteria  

  • Weekend care - Māori Health Services works collaborative with District Nursing Services to ensure that the patient has access to weekend care.
  • Currently we work with District Nursing Services around ACC patients. Māori Health community nursing services is working to be able to take this cohort of patients
  • Individual assessment


Exclusion Criteria  

  • There are no exclusion criteria
  • All tangata whenua should be given the option of a Māori Health service to provide their care
  • When it is not possible options will be discussed with the patients on alternative providers

Last updated : Wednesday, September 02, 2020

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