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IMPORTANT: Change in process for failed electronic referrals

Historically where an electronic referral has not been completed properly, a full or partial message was still sent to the recipient but the referral may not have been recorded in your PMS.

However, this can lead to situations where referrals held in secondary care do not correlate with primary care records, which is a potential clinical risk.

As such, from 18th November 2020 BPAC will suspend this function. Where a referral is not completed properly, it will not be delivered to the intended recipient. Instead, BPAC will email your practice to inform you of the failed referral, which will need to be re-sent.

Causes for incomplete referrals include internet connectivity issues, incorrect browser configuration or staff not waiting for confirmation of completion of referrals.

Please see this template email that BPAC will send in this eventuality. It contains details of how to be sure a referral has been completed properly.

Please can you ensure your contact details held by BPAC are up-to-date so that these emails will be received. You can contact the BPAC helpdesk on 0800 633 236.


Last updated : Thursday, November 19, 2020

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