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Dear Colleagues


At Level 2 all face to face interactions with patients will resume, pre-screening phone calls to assess COVID-19 risk and contact tracing will continue. Physical distancing will continue where possible. During Alert Level 2 we will also be focussing on re-establishing patient groups such as the Day Programme and seminars/workshops for the bereaved so they can recommence as soon as possible. The Waipuna Hospice InPatient Unit will re-open on Tuesday 2nd June to allow the rosters of staff to be re-diverted back from the community.

We will continue providing care to Waipuna Hospice community patients using an interdisciplinary team approach. This will allow a comprehensive assessment and decision making process to meet the palliative issues for each patient, family, whānau.

For patient care matters please continue to phone us on 07 552 4380. Our staff are available 24/7 , and we will ensure you are linked to the right person.



New referrals:


Please continue to use Bpac for new referrals and please include your contact details, in particular your cell phone number or direct dial number in the body of the referral. If your referral is urgent please call the Clinical Nurse Specialist in the referral team on ph 552 4380 Ext 257 or 027 585 2496. For out-of-hours referrals requiring our urgent response please ring and request to speak to the on-call medical officer ph 552 4380.


Injectable medications:Hospice has resumed our previous practice in regards to syringe drivers. Community Nurses will liaise with you in regards to patients requirements for syringe drivers and acute prescribed orders (APO’s). Please feel free to contact a Hospice Doctor if you would like guidance.


Reviews of patients as part of the IDT process for Waipuna Hospice patients:


Part of our interdisciplinary team process includes regular reviews of patients. We would like to contact you in regards to a new initiative whereby a zoom meeting with you for a case conference to discuss existing patients, and potentially new patients should you choose to raise them could occur.


Please do not hesitate to contact me directly to provide feedback


Kind Regards

Angela Shaw
Director of Clinical Services


Last updated : Wednesday, May 20, 2020

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