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CE Newsletter - Interim CE Simon Everitt - 4 June 2020


4 June 2020

Caring for our patients and their families

Please keep designated public parking areas for the public A prominent characteristic of the COVID-19 response over the last couple of months has been the unwavering community spirit demonstrated by our staff towards those we serve, our patients. I would like to appeal to that same spirit in addressing the focus of this week’s newsletter, car parking at our hospital campuses.

Cars continually circling the main car parks looking for a space have become a familiar sight at both Tauranga and Whakatāne hospitals. And whilst some of this can be put down to simple population growth across the Bay it’s also clear that part of the problem is public parking spaces being occupied by staff members whilst they are at work.

So I want to use this newsletter to call on staff to help our patients, their families/whānau and visitors by ensuring the public parking spaces at our hospitals are kept free for their use only.

I greatly appreciate that access to parking is a key issue for all staff and that there has been increasing pressure on spaces as we have continued to experience significant population growth locally. However patients and their families/whānau and visitors are finding it increasingly challenging to find a park in the public spaces at both hospitals. It is really important that they have access to the parking provided for them as not having that access can cause enormous frustration and impact on people’s experience of the care we deliver.

I am asking that staff please consider the wellbeing of those we are here to care for and park in the allocated staff parking areas. Whilst this is about parking, I also think the issue aligns with our values, in particular Manaakitanga, and how we help and support one another.

Additional parking capacity has recently been added. In Tauranga, the allocated staff car parking areas include around 200 spaces in the 18th Avenue paddock (which has just had its lease renewed) and a further 80 at the 17th Avenue car park opposite Historic Village. Additional car parking spaces will also be made available in this car park later in the year, details to follow.

At Whakatāne the staff car park is behind Podville where 152 car parking spots are available for staff. There is also a reminder from Whakatāne Facilities Manager Neil Mower that those taking a fleet car for the day should park their personal vehicle in the fleet car park.

For those who would like to find out more about car parking at our hospital campuses please refer to the links below for our Staff Safety Plan below, and our parking and car parking standards. Maps detailing the public and staff car parking areas are also given below:

Staff Safety Plan
5.5.2 Parking
5.5.2 P1 Parking Standards

Thank you for playing your part in caring for our patients and their families.

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