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Radiology Examinations and Wait-Lists with COVID-19 Restrictions

In line with the Level 4 requirements, Radiology examinations have now essentially been restricted to Acute and Semi-acute cases only.  

Acute cases include: ED and hospital patients. High suspicion of Cancer, Cancer staging and any other cases, including biopsy, where imaging results will acutely affect patient management eg TIA and stroke patients.  

Semi-acute cases include: Cancer patients undergoing treatment re-staging, symptoms which have a high incidence of malignancy eg post-menopausal bleeding & macroscopic haematuria, and other similar reasons.  

Patients with lesser symptoms or more routine reasons for evaluation (Grade 3) have been deferred until the restrictions have been lifted.  These also include routine follow-up surveillance cases eg post cancer treatment, Aortic aneurysm, Hepatitis liver surveillance. These patients have not been cancelled, but may have had examinations deferred.  

Radiology are reassessing deferred requests each week to find any time-critical cases that may require higher priority and more urgent examination. Priority is being assessed by the clinical details provided on the requests.  

If you have concern over any patient that may have been deferred and requires more expedient evaluation please contact Radiology or the Duty Radiologist to discuss this further.


Last updated : Thursday, April 09, 2020

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