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Key messages and FAQs pharmacist vaccinators

Trained pharmacist vaccinators in approximately 450 pharmacies across New Zealand will soon be able to deliver MMR vaccinations to people aged 16 and over, as the latest step in the Government’s plan to stop the measles outbreak and improve the immunity of New Zealanders.  

·The Ministry of Health, PHARMAC and District Health Boards have been actively working to make sure New Zealand’s 840 trained pharmacist vaccinators are able to help immunise their communities against measles. 

· The current measles outbreak has shown it’s vital pharmacists and DHBs work together on a joined up approach to immunisation.  

·We’re seeing some encouraging progress around new case numbers, but the work of pharmacist vaccinators is an added tool in the fight.  

·Pharmacist vaccinators played an important role in responding to the Northland meningococcal outbreak, providing more than 700 vaccines in that region so we know this is a system that works.  

· People wanting an MMR vaccination should be able to visit a trained pharmacist vaccinator as soon as contracts with DHBs are agreed on.  

· Once they’re contracted, pharmacists can vaccinate people over the age of 16. That age marker is so there’s no disruption to the National Childhood Immunisation Schedule, which will continue to be delivered by GPs.  

· It also fits with advice from the Expert Advisory Group which recommended new ways to deliver vaccines to reach mid-teens to 29 year olds who mightn’t routinely engage with general practice.    

· Enabling pharmacist vaccinators increases the number of frontline places people can get vaccinated.  Pharmacies are convenient, locally trusted locations for many people and will help get more people protected from measles.  

· One vaccination protects 95 percent of people, two vaccinations protects 99 percent of people. By making it easy for those over 16 to get vaccinated we will improve this groups immunity to measles.  

·This is a significant development in the fight against measles. To enable it, we’ve had to work through some important logistics which included adding MMR on the Pharmaceutical schedule, so pharmacists can be paid for delivering it.  

· A Ministerial Notification was also required under section 106 of the Medicines Act, for MMR to be given without a doctor’s prescription.  

· Immunisation is the best protection against measles, and these skilled pharmacists should be thanked for their willingness to help improve New Zealand’s immunisation rates.  

·The MMR vaccine is free in New Zealand  if you were born in 1969 or later. People older than this are considered likely to be immune as they may have been exposed to measles when younger. 

· The pharmacist vaccinators’ programme will be reviewed by the Ministry of Health after a year.

Vikki Carter
Senior Advisor Stakeholder Engagement Population Health and Prevention
Ministry of Health
DDI: 021 346 948


Last updated : Friday, November 01, 2019

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