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Te Toi Ahorangi Strategy launch


I was delighted when we recently launched the Te Toi Ahorangi Strategy in Whakatāne. It was a wonderful event and the sense of excitement and optimism about this strategy and what it can achieve going forward was palpable.

Hon Peeni Henare - Minister of Civil Defence, Whānau Ora and Youth; Associate Minister of Health (Māori Health) and Tourism was in attendance as were the MP for Waiariki Tamati Coffey, Runanga Chair Pouroto Ngarapo and Runanga members, iwi representatives, BOPDHB Board members and members of staff.

Te Toi Ahorangi has been inspired, driven and led by tangata whenua. It affirms our unified vision, voice and intention to drive forward whole of system transformation to Toi Ora that will improve the well-being of the 57,000 Māori who live in Te Moana-a-Toi (Bay of Plenty). It builds on the good work that came before under the guidance of our Runanga, the vision of Toi Ora and in particular He Pou Oranga.

The strategy aligns with our vision: Kia momoho te hapori oranga (healthy thriving communities) and with our Strategic Health Services Plan (SHSP). Toi au rangi, the eight elements/strategic currents which emanate from Te Toi Ahorangi, together with our 12 transformational actions identified by the evolution work carried out by our COO Pete Chandler, give us our four strategic priorities.

Te Toi Ahorangi represents a journey we need to take many people on, to build on the gains that have been made over recent years. There is already a much stronger commitment to collective responsibility and increased use of quality improvement methodology to improve Māori health. I’m heartened to have seen the improvements in dental enrolments, breast screening rates and cervical screening, to name a few. I’m also heartened that 400 members of our team want to learn Te Reo through Te Whare Awanuiarangi Wananga.

The concept of Te Toi Ahorangi has already resulted in many brave conversations. Where we can talk about the impact of colonisation, about institutional racism, and how we can have a truly Te Tiriti based relationship.

I see this as a document of hope.

As I step away from Te Moana-a-Toi I feel optimistic. Optimistic that Te Toi Ahorangi is going to bring to fruition our communities aspirations and our aspirations for our communities. That through Te Toi Ahorangi wai ora, whanau ora, hapu ora, iwi ora and mauri ora will all be realities, and all the people of Te Moana-a-Toi will be flourishing.

To achieve that we all need to work together, on both of the hulls of our waka, paddling in the same direction, paddling in unison.


The thoughts of our Board Chair Sally Webb on Te Toi Ahorangi

History shows us we cannot achieve Māori Health equity by using the same thinking we have used for the past 10, 20, 30 years. Success will only come if we are in real partnership with tangata whenua and support their aspirations and self-determination - only then will all flourish.

Te Toi Ahorangi is unique because it is grounded in the concept of partnership. For the first time in Aotearoa we have a Māori health strategy that is owned by the Runanga and endorsed by the Board. Usually they are developed in a Pakeha world with a little Māori influence, but this is very different.

My real aspiration as Board Chair is that Te Toi Ahorangi is the catalyst that changes the way we work together. And that we in the DHB are brave enough to truly see what we need to change to empower our Māori communities so they can fulfil their aspirations.

It won’t be easy because this does call for significant mind set changes within the DHB. We will need to look within ourselves with open minds to what we need to do differently so we work together to achieve Toi Ora.

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