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Global recall of ranitidine

PHARMAC have advised us that there is a global recall of ranitidine – please see details below.

  • There is a global recall of ranitidine that is being managed by the sponsors of the medicine due to concerns around NDMA.
  • PHARMAC is pursing supply of an alternative from global sources, likely famotidine or cimetidine. However, we note there is significant international demand of these alternative products as this was a global recall.
  • GSK has made available the ranitidine injection only for use in chemotherapy and palliative care, and on a limited basis.
  • With respects to the risk associated with NDMA, it is outside of PHARMACs remit to comment. However, Medsafe has prepared an alert that contains the relevant information for consumers and healthcare professionals. This alert can be found here.
  • Further information on PHARMACs response to the recall can be found here.
  • PHARMAC will alert the sector if and when we are able to secure a suitable alternative.

Last updated : Thursday, November 07, 2019

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