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Keeping Me Well

Keeping Me Well is an Integrated Community Enablement approach aiming to meet the short term needs of people 18+ and over across the Bay in order to keep them well at home or get them well sooner in their home environment. It aims to bring together DHB community services as a virtual team with the ability to link in to initiatives such as health care homes as the model progresses.  This approach is supported by the concept of a single point of access for information and an inter-professional model with an emphasis on responsive, early intervention in the home. 

The Community Care Coordination centre (CCC) is expanding to act as this single point of coordination for community services. As part of the first stage in CCC’s expansion, from the 1st August 2019 we aim to centralise all DHB community requests and referrals through the CCC.  This will apply to requests for the following services;

  • Regional Maori Health

  • Short Term Home and Community support services

  • Community Allied Health

  • The Community Response Team

  • District nursing (continuing as before).

  • In home strength and balance programme.

Keeping Me Well flyer

The Community Care Coordination Centre can be contacted via the following;
Phone: 0800 267 222
Fax: (07) 577 4606


Last updated : Monday, June 17, 2019

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