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Gynaecology Referral Thresholds

The threshold for Gynaecology referrals has been raised to accept Grade 1 and 2 only. This is effective immediately.  

This action has been taken as the O&G department is operating 3 Consultants down due to sudden resignations and long term sick leave.  Efforts to secure locum cover and recruit to the vacancies are underway, however there are now many patients who will be waiting longer to be seen. The grading tool is below.


*Clinical Priority" criteria are a guide rather than exhaustive, complete or exclusory

As with all referrals please give as much clinical information as possible and include relevant examination findings as this will help the triaging specialists prioritise the patient appropriately. If you have significant clinical concern do include this in your letter.  

Dr Michael John (O & G Head of Department) is very happy to receive phone calls from any GP who wishes to discuss a particular case with him.  

For current guidelines on a number of Gynaecology Presentations there is lots of information and guidance on the Health Pathways site.  (Username: midlanduser Password: midlandpassword)  

We will provide an update on the situation at the end of August 2019.


Last updated : Friday, June 14, 2019

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