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Using 'advice only' referrals - what you need to know

BPAC eReferrals give the option of asking for specialist advice only, rather than requesting a clinic appointment.

These requests are triaged differently from other referrals, meaning that usually no 'First Specialist Assessment' (FSA) will be offered.

However, some of you have reported that your 'advice only' referrals have been given clinic appointments.

This is because if a specialist feels they cannot provide advice without seeing the patient, they will convert the 'advice only' request to an FSA - i.e. seeing them in clinic.

You may also notice that sometimes your referrals are declined pending further information.

Please can you refrain from using 'advice only' to send this further information, as it will not be triaged to a clinic appointment by the referral centre. Instead, send the additional information with the same urgency as your first referral (routine, semi-urgent, urgent or high suspicion of cancer).


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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