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Read the latest from BOPDHB CE, Helen Mason - 22 May 2018


I still find it hard when I think of my wonderful mom Betty and her battle with dementia. Watching how she and the people around her coped with her dementia taught me a lot and affected me deeply. It’s one of the reasons I was so happy to learn about the recent launch of the Dementia Friends initiative by Alzheimers NZ.

Dementia Friends is a new outreach and awareness programme open to anyone and everyone to learn about dementia, aimed at helping those living with it. Becoming a Dementia Friend takes just 20 minutes. I took my training last week. It’s a tiny investment of time to learn some skills which could have a huge impact on dementia sufferers we either know already or who we may come into contact with in the future.

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Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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