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Iodine and Vitamin D Recommendation for Pregnancy

The Ministry of Health has recommendations for iodine and Vit D during pregnancy and lactation.

Unfortunately, the uptake of this advice is sporadic around the country.


Iodine - Discuss the need to continue with maternal iodine supplementation while breastfeeding.

This can be prescribed by the midwife or GP with a cost of $5.00 for the prescription charge.

Vitamin D
- Screen for potential Vitamin D deficiency (small babies, prem babies, darker skin, known history of vitamin D deficiency, women who spend little time outdoors. All our Indian clients would come into this category.

Treatment – either maternal monthly cholecalciferol ($5.00) or infant vitadol C drop (free).

There will be no cost for the infant drops.

For all other women, please remind for the need of some sunshine each day over winter (when the sun shines). 20 minutes over 20% of skin is easy to remember.

During summer, risks of excessive sun exposure need to be taken into account.

Vegan and any women on an elimination diet for infant allergies should also be encouraged to take supplements as they may not be consuming iodine and Vit D enriching foods.


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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