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Insulin Pump and Consumables Special Authority Renewal

Please be advised that Vocationally Registered General Practitioners can apply for the renewal of special authorities for insulin pumps and consumables. As with other special authorities this can be done online and is only required 2 yearly for consumables and every 4 years for insulin pumps (when the pump warranty expires).

There has been some confusion regarding who is eligible to renew the Special Authorities as the term  “relevant specialist” is stated on the bottom of the form. Pharmac have confirmed that “relevant specialist” includes Vocationally Registered Medical Practitioners  as follows:

“The definition of Specialist in our rules includes all vocationally registered medical practitioners.

We specify a specialty, only when we want to limit access to specific Specialist types.”

There are two criteria for renewal, as below, either HbA1c or severe unexplained hypoglycaemia.



The Diabetes Team will write to you with the necessary information regarding the treatment plan agreed at the induction of pumping which will be required as a reference point for the renewals. You may wish to document this in the patients notes for future reference.

If you have any difficulties, contact the diabetes nurses at Tauranga Hospital and they will be happy to assist. Phone: 5798765 or page 1148.


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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