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Dietetic Paediatric Service no longer accepting referrals from GPs

The Dietetic Paediatric Service reports that due to high demand and limited resources, they will no longer be accepting referrals from General Practitioners, Public Health Nurses and Plunket. They are only taking referrals from Paediatricians.

They have given this advice regarding management of paediatric patients:

  • If appropriate consider referring your patient to a Paediatrician at Tauranga hospital. If you are referring an infant or child to the Paediatrician with poor weight gain or faltering growth, it is useful to include anthropometry in your referral: weight, length or height, head circumference (if applicable) and growth charts.
  • Children who are overweight can be referred to these organisations for intervention services.
  • Consider referring to a Private Practise Dietitians if appropriate. A list of Private Practise Dietitians can be found online.


We apologise for not being able to see these patients at the current time.

For additional resources, please see the Bay Navigator pathway on Weight Management in Children.


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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