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Latest from BOPDHB CE, Helen Mason - 12 Sept 2017


The Super Power Baby Project

A few weeks ago, many of us had the opportunity to hear Rachel Callander speak. Rachel has a very simple story, which she tells powerfully: “I work with health professionals across many pecialities, teaching them to use empathy and open hearted language in their clinics and meetings with patients or parents. I believe that the language used at diagnosis, or when delivering life
shattering medical information, is vitally important and so often, used with devastating outcomes. I teach that using kind words and having empathy, is just as important as any medical therapy or procedure and that the difference between a powerless and empowered patient or parent, is determined by language. It is very exciting to see this attitude being used to great effect across many
different areas of health care, and small changes being made which have huge impact on positive patient outcomes and practitioner wellbeing.”

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