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Introducing Dr Patryk Szulakowski- improving access to Sleep Studies

In May this year a new respiratory specialist started work at our DHB, having come over from Europe to work in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. Patryk is trying to revamp the sleep service, and has started by accepting ALL grade 2 referrals for sleep studies, effective immediately. There is, unfortunately, still a backlog of patients to be seen, but once this has been cleared you will be seeing shorter waiting times. We will keep you posted with any further improvements to this service, which hopefully will be substantial!

We took the time for a mini-interview with Patryk-

Place of birth, nationality, and languages spoken: Poland (Katowice), Polish/British citizenship, Polish, English and rather poor German.

Studied medicine in: Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. Elective training in Ireland, Spain and Norway. Then PhD studies Katowice/Edinburgh. Then specialist training in Glasgow, Scotland.

Worked/lived in (countries/cities): Poland: Katowice; Scotland: Edinburgh, Falkirk, Dumfries, Glasgow; England: Stevenage.

Special medical interests: Respiratory Medicine (COPD), Sleep Medicine (among others Sleep apnoea).

When arrived in NZ, and why: 18/04/2017, started working at BOPDHB 1/05/17. The reason: outdoor living, better work-life balance, safe environment for kids, BREXIT.

Family: Wife Nicole (German) + two daughters Sara (10) and Elia (nearly 8), some family in Poland.

Personal interests: hiking/sight-seeing, water sports, wind surfing, gardening. I would like to get into fishing – looking for a pal who would guide me how to get into it…

Welcome Patryk and good luck with the fishing!


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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