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TIA pathway temporarily removed due to Rapid Access TIA Clinic trial

The Stroke service at Tauranga Hospital will be trialling a Rapid Access TIA clinic 1st May 2017. This will be a one-stop clinic with access to same-day CT brain and Carotid Doppler US investigations (arranged by TIA clinic).

Referral process:

  • Please refer to the TIA clinic using the usual BPAC ‘TIA Clinic’ referral form. If you have no BPAC access, please fax referral to: 07 571 3941
  • Referrals will be assessed by the Stroke team on the same day, and all accepted referrals will be offered TIA clinic appointments within the following 24-48 hours (TIA clinic will contact patient).
  • Please commence Aspirin 300mg unless already on anticoagulation or contraindicated.
  • Arrange routine blood tests (CBC, UE, lipids, HBA1c, ESR, TFTs)
  • Advise patient not to drive


Note: If patient has neurological symptoms at time of consult, referral to TIA clinic may not be appropriate. Patient will likely need admission. Discuss with Stroke SMO on 027 4033951.


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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