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New acute referral system for medical patients in EBOP, active immediately!

If you’re a GP in the Eastern BOP, there is a new acute referral system for medical patient in place now.

For GPs, the only change will be having a dedicated medical registrar on the other end of the phone (Dr Jon Donnelly) instead of an SMO. John has been working as the medical registrar in APU at Tauranga Hospital up until now.

If your patient is deemed to need an admission after your discussion with Jon, then the process is the same as usual (present to ED, etc.)

If you have a specific question for a particular SMO, you can ask to be put through to him/her directly.

This new system for acute medical referrals will be trialled for three months, starting immediately. We’ll keep you posted with any changes.


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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