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Raising Healthy Kids – ‘5210’


There continues to be work done on the development of a pathway to manage those children who are identified by the B4SC as having a BMI above the 98% percentile. This will be disseminated through a CME evening and published on Bay Navigator in the near future. Alongside this there are some great new resources which are being localised with the catchy tag of ‘5210.’

The idea around this is to promote a shared consistent message across the community and amongst healthcare providers to promote healthy tamariki. It is being adapted and localised for use in the Bay and Lakes DHBs subject to acknowledgement and endorsement from SCOPE, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Key messages are:

Enjoy - five or more vegetables and fruits every day

Power down - less than two hours of screen time a day

Play actively – more than one hour each day

Choose water or plain milk – no sugary drinks

So watch this space…..


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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