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Changes to the reporting of Lung Function Tests

The respiratory department have made some changes to the way they report  Lung Function Test results to GPs. Here is what the changes are (as of immediately) -

  • All lung function tests will be reported by a Respiratory Physiologist. This will include a description and quantification of any abnormalities (e.g. severe airflow obstruction, significant restriction etc). This report will appear on CHIP as soon as the test is completed
  • A copy of this report will be sent to the GP for all patients (including tests not requested by the GPs)
  • GP and other external provider requests will be reported by a Respiratory Physician with an aim of a turn around within 2 weeks.
  • DHB - generated requests (e.g. medical in and outpatients etc.) will not be reported by a Physician. A dedicated email address (included on the report) has been set up to allow the forwarding of specific clinic queries.
  • Where a patient has been scheduled to see a Respiratory Physician in clinic a separate report will not be issued – the lung function will be discussed in the clinic letter.
  • If a referral was triaged and dealt with as a virtual clinic appointment the lung function will be forwarded to the physician who completed the virtual consultation to report or provide further comment.

Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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