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Acute Medical Clinics

In order to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions the medical team at Tauranga Hospital are now offering acute medical clinic appointments. When accepted for an acute clinic patients will be seen within five days.

Access to the acute clinic is via the On-call Medical consultant/senior medical officer (SMO). Medical consultants now answer all acute GP referral calls from 8am to 5pm. GPs should phone the hospital (07 579 8044) and ask for the on-call medical consultant.

If it is felt safe to see your patient in the an acute clinic spot rather than that day in the Admission Planning Unit (APU) you will be asked to send an urgent referral using the eReferral system. Please use this form –it would be helpful if you could add “Acute Medical Clinic” in the “Re:” box – thank you.


If you are unable to use eReferrals please fax your referral to 07 571 3941, Attention Donna Gore.

The acute medical clinic is only accessible via a telephone call with the on-call SMO.


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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