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Complex Patients - A Multi-disciplinary approach

We are all probably aware of a group of patients that present very frequently and not always appropriately to the Emergency Department for their health care needs. They will probably have multiple co-morbidities, social issues, mental health issues, chronic pain or a combination of all these factors. They may be also coming into your consulting rooms often.

There is a new quality improvement initiative being developed that aims to improve the health journey of such a patient. It seeks to take a multi-disciplinary approach to creating a unified management plan for such a patient with complex needs that may span both primary and secondary care.

The plan will aim to put the patient at the centre and ensure that the end result is their care is more efficient, effective, timely and appropriate.  There will be an initial small test of change phase and the team would welcome any nominations for suitable patients to be involved.

If you think you may have someone suitable and would like more information please email by the end of January. 


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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