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Radiology referrals

I appreciate at times it can be frustrating to have to ring the radiologist when referrals don’t fit the tick boxes in our electronic referrals. I have had a brief meeting with the duty radiologist this morning and she pointed out a couple of things that may be useful. There is a duty radiologist that takes all the calls and there is a direct line to them- phone: 07 579 8110. They are in the room most of the time but are of course human and need to use toilet or have a tea break during their sessions. The easiest and best way if the duty radiologist phone is not answered is to leave your phone number (if possible a direct line or mobile number so they don’t have to go through the same reception process) and they will get back to you as soon as they can at radiology reception- phone: 07 579 8102.

Additional clinical details are much appreciated. Please ignore the box saying “if criteria are met then no further clinical details are required,” and in fact the more clinical detail that is given the better it can be graded for urgency and a more comprehensive report can be written.

The criteria for these referrals are there for a reason. In most cases if it doesn’t fit in the tick boxes then there is no funding to do the procedure. Obviously there are exceptions and they are happy to take calls for these.  They are getting some referrals where GPs have ticked the box where they have talked to a radiologist and they obviously haven’t or they have ticked criteria to get them seen where this is not true when the radiologist discusses with patient or looks up their notes/ investigations.

The most common referrals by GPs that are rejected or inappropriate are deranged LFTs and pelvic U/S. The LFTs need to be more than 3 times the normal range persisting for at least 3 months with the attached LFT results. With pelvic ultrasound please look at and follow the indications for this in the electronic referral system.

Jethro LeRoy


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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