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Hands up for less paper?

You may have noticed that more electronic messages are coming through from BPAC generated referrals. As part of a trial in the referral centre, referral outcomes are being sent electronically for even more specialities, complimenting Radiology and Urology referrals where they have been doing it this way for some time.

Previously we would have received a copy of the patient’s letter and this would have needed to be scanned into their records. This new means of communication also allows for other pieces of information to be included.

I have had a note to say that a virtual clinic letter will follow from the neurologist and even a short sentence suggesting a medication from the urologists. As this communication to us is electronic it is obviously faster. The patient will still receive their copy of the standard letter in the post. This is a trial of this process.

I know some of my colleagues might not have fully embraced the BPAC method of referral but there are some growing advantages, including this one. We would really welcome any feedback around this topic –

Alison James


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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