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Changes to Support Net

As of 1 September just gone, Support Net has increased its range of services, including a nursing service that is able to make medication changes.

From a GP point of view, any referrals to Support Net now merely require  details of the clinical problem rather than which service is required, and Support Net will triage and decide on which service is needed. So, for example, your patient has had a CVA and is having difficulty with mobilising, simply state ‘CVA with secondary mobility issues (plus any other relevant medical background)’ and Support Net will assess whether the patient needs help with showering, shopping, house cleaning, etc. No need for us to request any of these services specifically anymore.

Please also note that referrals for home help should not go to the Health in Ageing clinic, since they do not provide such services.


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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