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New Locum O&G Consultant – Dr Aparna Basu

We welcome Dr Basu in her new role. You may have heard her name already as she has been working as a Senior Registrar. She is an Indian national with quite a world heritage. She was in the Indian Army in the Medical Corps for five years, then headed to Malaysia for another five years, before heading to the UK to do her specialist training, and finally landed in New Zealand in December 2012.

She has a specialist interest in maternity care and particularly the impact of socially complex factors such as smoking, substance misuse, social deprivation, etc. She has been appointed as a locum for the next year. She is very approachable and I’m sure would be happy to speak to her primary care colleagues if you have any questions in her area of expertise. 


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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