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National Health Advisory: Notification of Response to Hamner Spring Earthquake and Tsunami


A magnitude 7.5 Earthquake occurred north-east of Amberley at 00:02 hrs on 14 November 2016. Strong shaking was felt throughout New Zealand and lasted for over a minute in some locations. Aftershocks have been occurring. Injuries have been reported.

A tsunami marine, beach and land threat was issued for the east coast of New Zealand from East Cape to Southland, including Wellington and the Chatham Islands.

The National Crisis Management Centre was activated at 03:00 hrs. The National Health Coordination Centre has been activated to provide support as required.  The Ambulance National Crisis Coordination Centre has also been activated and Ambulance and Ministry of health Liaison officers are in attendance at the National Crisis Management Centre.

At this point the key area of concern is the Kaikoura District, which has reported damage and injuries. Access to the region is limited at this stage. There may be a requirement to evacuate patients. The Regional Emergency Management Advisor (Southern) and the Emergency Planner from Canterbury DHB are on route to Kaikoura to ascertain the requirements and assist in any patient movement.

Additional capacity is being provided via Healthline for the Canterbury Earthquake Support line to manage any increased call activity. This line is available to all New Zealanders. 


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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