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Raising Healthy Kids

We all know that this nation is getting larger and New Zealand sadly ranks too high in the world for obesity rates. There is a general dislike of health targets and having to tick boxes but the overarching goal of the Ministry of Health’s new target around childhood obesity is promoting a healthy lifestyle and weight for all children. This is a laudable and important goal which cant really be argued over!

There is a realistic awareness amongst the groups involved in promoting this aim that this issue stems from many factors at play in our society and an overall ‘obesogenic’ environment.

Nevertheless as health professionals we do have a role to play.  There will be more information disseminated over the coming months around some resources and pathways being developed in this domain but for those with an interest there is a very simple goal driven tool that was developed in the Waikato called Be Smarter. I would recommend it as a great way to engage with families who are motivated to change.

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Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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