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Changes to Rivaroxaban

We have been notified by Bayer that there will be changes to the supply of Xarelto (r), Rivaroxaban 15mg and 20mg sample packs, which have previously been provided free-of-charge. Unfortunately this supply will finish at the end of this year (24th December 2015 being the last day for filling prescriptions). Three months' notice has been given to enable patients currently being prescribed Xarelto to be changed to suitable alternatives before the end of the year. No new patients should be prescribed Xarelto from now on.

When patients come in to collect their repeat scripts for Xarelto you will need to consider alternative treatment options (preferably at least 4 weeks before their current script runs out). Xarelto Prescriber Guides are available for reference  that include recommendations for switching between oral anticoagulants. If you would like one please phone Bob Lynch from Bayer on 021 448 310.

If patients have been intolerant to other alternative medicines there may be the option of applying to Pharmac for a NPPA (Named Patient Pharmaceutical Assessment).

All dispensing pharmacies have been advised and have been asked to let patients know so that they can talk to their GP or specialist regarding change of medicine. All prescriptions will continue to be filled up to the 24 Dec.

Thank you for your understanding.


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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