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Improving Quality and Patient Safety Together

At a recent meeting there was a discussion about possible short comings with the DHB process for managing referrals that have come through the skin surgery system. If there is an issue with this service it is vital that it is addressed but to do this the service provider, in this case the DHB, needs to know when things are going wrong.

Communicating when problems occur does take time but can result in improvements in quality and safety. Specific examples are required in order to investigate where a problem may lie. Plenty of concerns have been expressed about the colorectal pathway and this has led to a review of the service: the feedback does make a difference.

Feedback can be provided directly to the general practice liaison -  - or to the Quality and Patient Safety team - . Only the NHI is required to identify the person involved and an investigation can be initiated. Many thanks in advance - just love trying to create more work for myself.


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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