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Where to send referrals

All elective/non-acute referrals to specialties operated by the DHB Provider Arm i.e. the Hospitals, should be sent using a BPAC eReferral to the Referral Centre. If you are unable to use eReferrals for any reason then your referrals should still be addressed to the Referral Centre. Referrals sent directly to individual SMOs or outpatients do, unfortunately, get lost.

Acute referrals can be sent using the eReferral system too. They are sent directly to ED. They are listed under “Acute / Emergency” referrals. It is far quicker to send referrals this way and it ensures that the referral information arrives before the patient does. Wherever possible please include the name of the doctor to whom you spoke when making the referral.


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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