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Bay Navigator Cellulitis pathway released


Click here to view the new Bay Navigator pathway for cellulitis. 

At this stage this is simply a clinical guideline. It has been developed collaboratively by clinicians from general practice and infectious diseases. It incorporates the latest evidence which reduces the emphasis on the use of intravenous antibiotics and provides a pathway by which GPs can prescribe antibiotics that require specialist endorsement. Elevation of the infected area is the key to avoiding excessive morbidity and hospital admission. 

Discussions are on-going between the PHOs and Planning and Funding regarding funding. The CPO process for cellulitis for WBOP PHO patients requiring intravenous antibiotics remains in place. The development of a system to support general practice to manage cases that would otherwise be referred to hospital for the EBOP, and mechanisms for enabling GP review of patients on oral antibiotics across the BOP, are still being considered. It was felt though that the release of the pathway should not be delayed as the guidance provided will result in better outcomes for patients. 

I hope that you find the new pathway a useful resource. Any feedback can be sent via the feedback button on the pathway itself. 

Merry Christmas.


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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