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Pharmac approve new drug for prostate cancer

Abiraterone-Available on Special Authority from 1 May 2015

 Androgen ablation (Lucrin, Zoladex, Eligard) is a very effective treatment for advanced prostate cancer. However, options when the PSA starts to rise are limited, transient, or toxic. Docetaxel based chemotherapy has a limited indication due to its limited benefit and significant toxicity. The good news is that there is a new treatment available for the treatment of castration resistant prostate cancer; Abiraterone, a CP450 inhibitor. Well-designed trials have demonstrated its efficacy and safety. The take home points are;

1. This will become a drug commonly prescribed by urologists, medical and radiation oncologists

2. Abiraterone needs to be administered in conjunction with prednisone 5mg BD.

3. While it is well tolerated, frequent monitoring is necessary (and will be done by the specialist), and due to its effect on the steroid hormone synthesis, aldosterone type side effects can occur.


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