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Referral Information

Hospital specialists have asked me to pass on a few requests regarding referrals to help them effectively grade the referrals being received.

  • Please use the eReferral system if you are able. The system now works with all PMS apart from Houston.
  • When there is a service specific form please use it. The information provided in these forms is consistently more complete than referrals sent using the generic form and this increases the likelihood that your patient will be seen if they meet the threshold.
  • Urology are now responding to eReferrals electronically. These responses may include advice regarding tests required or requests for further information. Please watch out for these and respond accordingly.
  • You can use eReferrals for acute admissions. Please remember to include the name of the specialist to whom you spoke on the phone. Acute/Emergency referrals are delivered straight to ED in Whakatane or Tauranga depending upon which hospital you specify. They help the ED prepare for the patients arrival.
  • Please highlight in your referral when patients have had previous related procedures - particularly in they were in hospitals outside of our district.
  • Be selective regarding what you copy and paste into a referral. Pages of consultation notes are no more helpful to specialists than if the hospital sent all of their ward notes with a discharge summary. Please edit to ensure that only the information needed to prioritise the patient is supplied.

It is hoped that early in 2015 we will add radiology referrals to system.


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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