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Bay Navigator Stroke Pathway

The Stroke Pathway can now be viewed from the Bay Navigator website. Education booklets will be distributed to all General Practice surgeries shortly. Professor Mohan Datta-Chaudhuri has been educating WBOP practices by way of individual practice visits. In the EBOP we held an education evening on the 11th March. Mohan is still available if your practice would like to take up this educational opportunity; this is open to both WBOP and EBOP practices. Please let me know and I can organise a suitable date/time.

The 'Stroke Survey' has also been sent out to all practices; it is being used as an educational tool in the community to increase the awareness of stroke signs and the need to act 'FAST'. Thank you to all those who have distributed it in their practices for completion. An answer sheet will be distributed shortly.

Stroke Symptoms Survey


Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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