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Discharge Summaries

Many of you will have noticed a problem in recent weeks with the discharge summary system. The application being used to send discharge summaries is old and somewhat idiosyncratic. In recent months attempts have been made to make improvements such as ensuring that formatting created by the doctor writing the summary is preserved when it is delivered to general practice making it easier to read.

These attempts have been somewhat limited in their success and also resulted in some discharge summaries not being sent. GPs have continued to chase these up using the email but it is appreciated that this is a chore.

Longer term all DHBs across the country are introducing a new clinical workstation which will include a discharge summary module. As we are struggling to make our local system function correctly the DHB is now looking at implementing the discharge summary from the new system early.

In the meantime GPs should know that we are doing our best to get discharge summaries out on time and in a format that effectively conveys what GPs need to know. Hospital doctors can now update discharge summaries and resend them if more information comes to light e.g. pathology results, so please look carefully at the discharge date to see whether it is an update or a new summary.

IT have gone through all the discharge summaries to identify which summaries have not been sent due to technical issues. We apologise if you receive a summary twice but we are erring on the side of caution and feel that this is preferable to not receiving it at all.

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Last updated : Thursday, August 30, 2018

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