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About Us

Bay Navigator is a joint initiative between community and hospital-based health care professionals in the Bay of Plenty, designed to improve the delivery of care for patients across the region.

The goal of Bay Navigator is to provide a 'fundamental reorientation' of the health system in the Bay of Plenty, ensuring that patient care is delivered in the most appropriate setting, in the most appropriate way, and by using resources in the most effective way.

Bay Navigator works to increase communication and collaboration between medical professionals, with the patient at the centre of service design and pathway development to deliver better, sooner and more convenient healthcare for our community.

The Bay Navigator website was established in early 2011 as an information and communication portal for all health professionals in the Bay of Plenty, with the goal of being the Bay of Plenty's leading clinical resource.

The meaning behind the Bay Navigator Logo:


The Bay Navigator logo is made up of four elements working in harmony, representative of the ideology of Bay Navigator.

Kowhaiwhai - 'Perfection through Repetition'

  • mathematical equation
  • requires care and precision in design
  • uses repetition to build a complete picture

Koru - 'New Beginnings'

  • growth, strength and peace
  • perpetual movement; always with reference to the point of origin

Aquamarine - 'The Land, The Water'

  • symbolic of the Bay of Plenty environment

Navigator - n

  1. the skill or process of plotting a route
  2. the act or practice of navigating



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