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Chlamydia Pathway - Positive test result

Discuss the following with the patient:

  • the importance of taking antibiotics as prescribed:
    • including what to do if a dose is missed – expert opinion advises:
      • one missed dose of doxycycline – continue to take the rest of treatment and have a test of cure 6 weeks after treatment
      • two or more missed doses of doxycycline (last 2 - 3 months) – change treatment to 1g azithromycin
  • that all sexual partners need to be contacted to ensure they can be tested and treated
  • if the patient is under age 25 years, advise them:
    • that a re-test is recommended approximately 3 months after treatment:
      • because it has been shown that people who have had chlamydia once are much more likely to get it again
      • re-testing should not occur within 6 weeks of a positive test as dead bacteria may be detected up to 6 weeks after treatment
    • that repeat infections increases the risk of developing serious health consequences
    • how they will be contacted, e.g. text

Advise patients to avoid sexual intercourse until both the patient and any partners have completed the course of treatment:

  • if single-dose azithromycin is given:
    • sexual abstinence for the following 7 days is advised, or until any sexual partners have completed their treatment, whichever is the longer
    • advise about drug interactions, particularly recreational drugs such as stimulants and opioids (affects QT interval)
    • contraindicated in nut allergy
  • if any partners have chosen not to receive treatment:
    • unless they test positive, sexual intercourse should be avoided until this test result is known and they have received treatment, if appropriate
  • Advice for women using hormonal contraception:
    • addition contraceptive protection is no longer recommended during antibiotic use, unless prescribing rifampicin-like drugs, e.g. rifampicin, rifabutin
    • advise the importance of correct contraceptive practices if they experience vomiting or diarrhoea

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