Sexual Health  |  Chlamydia Pathway - History

Sexual Health

Chlamydia Pathway - History

Pregnancy and gynaecological history, including:

  • last menstrual period
  • menstrual pattern
  • cervical cytology history – is a smear needed?
  • contraception use:
    • is emergency contraception needed?
    • ongoing contraception needs
  • risk of pregnancy – pregnancy should be excluded, see 'RED FLAG!' care point

Risk factors for chlamydia:

  • under age 25 years
  • new sexual partner or more than one sexual partner in the past year
  • lack of consistent use of condoms


Sexual history:

  • details of last sexual contact, including:
    • gender of partner
    • time interval – provides information on 'window' periods for infection detection, emergency contraception, post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV infection
    • relationship with partner – duration, any violence, whether they can be contacted
    • condom use
    • any suspected infection, infection risk, or symptoms in this partner
  • total number of partners in last 3 months
  • history of sexually transmitted infection (STI)
  • ask about vaccination history, including HPV

Assess risk of HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C:

  • current or past history of injecting drug misuse
  • patient's country of birth
  • sexual contact with a person who is at high risk for infection

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