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Ophthalmology Referral Guidelines - Public Hospital Ophthalmology Services:

We have had to update the ophthalmology guidelines as there are increasing referral numbers being received beyond easy capability of the service that we are obliged to provide. We would appreciate it if you would consider whether optometry services would be able to solve the clinical problem you have in each case. With thanks.

Never Refer:

  • Without including best corrected visual acuity - binocular AND for each eye separately (preverbal children excluded).
  • Ministry of Health requires ethnicity to be recorded. Therefore referrals that do not state ethnicity will be returned.



1. Cataracts - only if:

a) Binocular best corrected visual acuity is 6/12 or worse.  OR
b) Best corrected visual acuity in worse eye is less than 6/36.

2. Children up to 8:

If vision is 6/12 or worse in WORSE eye (corrected or uncorrected).

3. Hydroxychloroquine monitoring
Review in five years and yearly thereafter.

Don't Refer:

1. Pterygia unless there is significant corneal encroachment - to more than 3mm from edge of cornea OR atypical.
2. Childhood epiphora without infection in first nine months.
3. Children older than 5 years with poor vision - refer to optometrist first.
4. Meibomian (tarsal) cysts in the first 2 months UNLESS atypical.
5. Adult refractions.
6. Glaucoma screening.
7. ACC cases - these are seen privately at Park Eye Clinic.
8. Uncomplicated Ectropion / Ptosis / Eye lid Malposition.

  • ALL URGENT REFERRALS CLEARLY identify urgent referrals and Fax to 07 578 4598, or phone Park Street 07 578 7508 to speak with Ophthalmologist on call.
    Please do not phone cellphones - these are switched OFF during practice hours.

  • CLEARLY IDENTIFY Public Hospital Ophthalmology Referrals. These should be addressed to the DHB, not Tauranga Eye Specialists.

 Mike O'Rourke - Mark Saunders - Sam Kain

Last updated : Friday, December 22, 2017
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