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Bay Navigator work is directed by the Bay of Plenty Alliance Leadership Team (BOPALT). The Bay Navigator Team meet on a weekly basis to discuss and prioritise projects and progress. A core group of BOPDHB employees support Bay Navigator from a clinical and technical perspective.

Meet the Team

The Bay Navigator Team is made up of several people from different areas within the DHB:


Joe Bourne - Clinical Director of Innovation and Improvement and General Practitioner at Nga Kakano Foundation

I have recently been appointed to the role of Clinical Director of Innovation and Improvement. I am a general practitioner (GP) from the UK and first came to work in New Zealand in 2003. Having stayed for 18-months on that occasion I returned more permanently to New Zealand in 2007.

Since 2007, I have worked as a GP for Nga Kakano Foundation, a Māori organisation based in Te Puke, which operates a general practice as well as providing a number of other services such as Tamariki Ora, Aukati, Asthma and Mental Health programmes. In 2011, I joined the DHB as General Practice Liaison for three days a week while continuing to work in general practice for the remaining two days. While I continue to enjoy providing patient care I am interested in how the wider health system works, and the General Practice Liaison role gave me an opportunity to better understand that system, and on occasion have the opportunity to make some improvements.


Dr Alison James - General Practice Liaison and General Practitioner at Bethlehem Medical Centre

My name is Dr Alison James. I have worked with the great team at Bethlehem Medical Centre as a GP for the past 11 years. I am originally from England having qualified from St Mary's Medical School in London and completed my GP Registrar training in Cornwall, UK.  I made the wise decision to move to New Zealand in 1998 and have never looked back!

I am really enthusiastic about my new role in GP Liaison and will be responsible for Women’s, Child and Family Services and Mental Health Services. I hope to facilitate productive communication between primary and secondary care and look forward to seeking out opportunities to innovate and improve! 


Dr Jethro LeRoy - General Practice Liaison and General Practitioner at Waitaha Health Centre

My name is Jethro LeRoy and I am a GP working at Waitaha Health Centre in Te Puke, the town where I grew up.  I am one of the new GP liaisons and my area will be surgical and anaesthetic services. I graduated from Otago School of Medicine in 2004, worked as a house surgeon in Tauranga Hospital before moving on to General Practice training through to fellowship in 2010.

I look forward to meeting everyone associated with the liaison role and the new challenges it will bring.


Dr Chris Tofield - General Practice Liaison and General Practitioner at Cameron Medical Clinic

I’m Chris and I am one of the three new GP Liaisons/Clinical Advisors. I’ll be covering the areas of Medicine and ED. For the last four years I have been working at Cameron Medical Clinic in Greerton, having previously gained GP experience in various rural, urban and Maori practices around the middle North Island. I also have experience in clinical research, online research analysis and consultancy (you might have heard of Research Review), and have managed to publish a research paper or two.  

It is fascinating to read about new ideas or changes that have been implemented in other healthcare systems around the world. I believe we can learn a lot by looking around us and seeing what has and has not worked out for others in the health arena, with the ultimate goal of making limited financial ends meet with great healthcare. I’m excited to be part of the continual improvement process at the primary care/secondary care interface of our DHB, and am looking forward to meeting you all over the next few months!


Kerryn Wooderson - Bay Navigator Administration and Digital Support

I have worked with the Bay Navigator Team since July 2015 and also work within the BOPDHB Digital Communications Department. I enjoy sharing my digital knowledge with the Bay Navigator and Service Improvement Teams and using this knowledge to help develop the team's ideas.


Trevor Richardson - Decision Support & Service Improvement Manager

I have been with BOPDHB since January 2002 and have a Bachelor of Business Studies, with a major in Finance. My background is in farming where if you want something done you usually find a way to achieve it. There are a lot of very capable and passionate people in our organisation. Those close to where the work is done know best the opportunities for reducing waste and risk in our system.

Where the SIU team can add value is by helping to make the big system better when it seems the system is too big to change. Also in linking to other initiatives to reduce rework and find synergies. I am very keen that the SIU is able to show we have made a difference. I am enjoying seeing clinicians and other DHB staff getting involved in improvement initiatives and it does feel like we have a growing positive culture when it comes to improvement work. 


Wendy Carey - Programme Manager, Service Improvement Unit

My background is in nursing and I am fortunate to have been able to work in senior nursing roles in several DHB’s throughout NZ. Improving care for patients has always been an interest and wherever possible within my previous clinical roles I focused on quality improvement. I was always limited by time, so finding a role focusing on quality improvement through project management without the operational component was very appealing. 

I have worked in project management within the BOPDHB now for four years, initially as a project manager within surgical services and then as a member of the SIU. Day-to-day I am responsible for supporting the Bay Navigator programme with Communications’ Kerryn Wooderson, as well as a number of surgical service projects. These include reducing length of stay for diagnosis codes identified through health roundtable reporting, ERAS for orthopaedics and improving theatre efficiency.


Fiona Burns - Programme Manager, Service Improvement Unit

I have a background in nursing with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences focusing on education and sociology. I also have a Master’s degree in Nursing focusing on healthcare ethics and delivery of care in the acute environment. All of the roles that I have had with the BOPDHB have involved change and improvement – Clinical Nurse Manager, Duty Manager, Hospital Co-ordinator and Infection Control. It is great to now have the opportunity to focus on improvement through specific projects.

I joined the SIU initially focussing on the Releasing-Time-to-Care programme and then became involved with Project Waka. I am now working with the Information Management team on information sharing projects, the Mental Health Service on Productive Ward and the Reducing Falls group. My main role is to support staff involved in these projects ensuring good project methodology and application of the Model for Improvement.


Suzanne Round - Change Manager, Service Improvement Unit

I landed in New Zealand from the UK in September 2011 just in time to enjoy the Rugby World Cup in all its winning glory. Soon after a short stint with the communications team at the BOPDHB I moved into my current role. That was four years ago – wow how time flies! Prior to moving to New Zealand, I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies and Marketing and then worked for seven years with the public, charity and private sectors in the UK on a variety of social change programmes ranging from teenage pregnancy, to electrical safety, knife crime and climate change.

I spend a lot of my day listening, understanding and learning from the truly remarkable clinical and clinical support staff we have in the DHB, to assist them break down seemingly complex challenges into small tests of change (trying a new improvement idea) to allow us to learn quickly and make improvements happen at speed. I am passionate about working with staff and our community to improve patient care and make clinical processes more efficient, with a keen interest in culture change, so come and say hello.


Jen Boryer - Programme Manager, Service Improvement Unit

I’m the newbie in the team joining the SIU in September 2014 from Wellington where I worked as Kenepuru, Kapiti and Community Operations Manager for Capital & Coast DHB. I was responsible for services including Community Health (District Nursing and short-term home-based support services), Allied Health, Accident and Medical Clinic (primary care), Disability Needs Assessment and Co-ordination Services (under 65s), Older Persons inpatients, Surgical inpatients, Specialist Rehabilitation inpatients and Endocrine services.

My beginnings in health were as a physiotherapist, so my heart is always in Allied Health. I am passionate about bringing the patient into everything we do to make sure that what we do is better for them - that is what we are here to do. I am also keen to make sure meeting our patients’ expectations is as easy as possible for staff – making it easy to do the “right thing”. I am a bit of a data geek (sad but true) and enjoy using information to best show the difference we are making.


Sharlene Adams - Administration and Project Support, Service Improvement Unit

I was first involved with SIU when I started with Fletcher Construction on Project Leo in 2007 when the unit had more of a focus on the facility rebuild. A change of direction saw SIU move into more of a change/project role which opened an opportunity for me to be part of the team in 2008.

Prior to moving over to health, I worked in the kiwifruit industry in a variety of administration roles within Zespri for eight years and as a Pool Payment Administrator at Aerocool. My formal qualification is a Certificate in Management with a Diploma in Business Level 6. I enjoy working within the DHB as it provides lots of challenges and learnings with a huge diversity of people. My passion is to work in Public Health and work within the community. I would also like to study Natural Health.


Sarah Davey - Programme Manager, Integrated Healthcare, Planning and Funding

I am a member of both Planning and Funding and the SIU. My role is to oversee implementation of our BOP Integrated Healthcare Strategy. Having this dual role brings the work of our teams closer together and more joined up across the health system and wider community. Integrated healthcare is about working together to make the health system easier to use and easier to run. One of the ways we are doing this is by supporting people, wherever they work, whether this is in general practice or with an NGO provider, to get involved in quality improvement.

I have a diverse background, having started my working life as a commercial and property lawyer. I have a long connection with Tauranga Hospital through my family of clinicians and there was always a strong pull to healthcare. I have worked in senior management and governance roles, both locally and nationally, with community organisations supporting people with disabilities into employment, vocational training and community participation. This experience showed me how very difficult our system can be for some of our most disadvantaged. I joined the DHB as a Portfolio Manager for Health of Older People, learning the ropes from lots of very clever people. My current role involves working across the hospital and the community, including other government agencies, connecting people up and sharing knowledge with influence systematic changes that promote good health.


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